Our Club History

Our Club has a long history – here is just a sample.

Holy Name Tennis Club was formed in 1920 and is one of the oldest continually operating Tennis Clubs in Toowoomba.

The history of the Holy Name Tennis Club can be traced back to 1920. During the period of 1933 to 1939 the name of the Club was changed to Killaloos. The Club really prospered during the 1950, 1960 & 1970 eras. When Toowoomba Tennis Assoc. fixtures were at their strongest.

This was mainly due to the efforts of “MR HOLY NAME TENNIS “ – Keith Dighton. Keith remained at the helm until his untimely death in June 2005.
Keith was devoted to his beloved ant bed courts and tendered to them for over 50 years. When his illness became known the Club organised a surprise “day” for him, when a lot of past members returned to honour his efforts. The complex that day was named the “F.T.” Keith Dighton Tennis Centre. The dedication that Keith showed stayed until the very end, as he was on his way to the courts when he was taken to hospital instead.

This meant a new era in the history of Holy Name Tennis Club was about to begin.

Toowoomba’s water problems really surfaced in 2005 with the severe water restrictions, meaning that the ant bed courts could no longer be watered with town water. For a short time water was carted to courts to allow limited use of the courts to continue.

A chance phone call to a former Club member in Brisbane let to information that the Wishart Tennis Centre was closing down, in Brisbane. A mighty volunteer’s effort from members and also non members allowed us to have these four artificial grass courts pulled up, transported to Toowoomba and relayed in less than six weeks.

In October 2005 the Club entered a new era and has gone from strength to strength.

With the demise of Saturday fixture competitions the Club now focuses on providing excellent facilities for the small social groups that support us. All of these groups have their own identities and these with playing times will be listed later.

We have replaced the lights in September 2009 on the four courts and built a shelter shed for viewing the tennis being played, also our amenities block been upgraded, we have now replaced the old grass surface on courts 3 in December 2010 & court 1 June 2013 with new grass.

In 2019, the lighting has been brought up to top standard with the installation of LED lighting technology.

Keith Deighton Memorial Trophy

The Club donated a perpetual trophy to Toowoomba Veteran’s Club to be played for at the Annual Tournament in October. Our stalwart “Keith” was the Founder of Veteran’s Tennis in Australia running the First Veterans Tournament in Toowoomba 49 years ago.

Best Attendance Shield
The Club also has a Shield that is awarded to the Member who has the best attendance for the year. The 2005 Club Member was Bill Owen

John Arnold Memorial Trophy
This photo is of the John Arnold Memorial Trophy – John who was tragically killed in 2010 was a member of our Club – held by John’s sister Dianne Von Hoff & his Aunty Bev Bremser.

Mal Anderson
Long time supporter and frequent visitor to Holy Name, Mal Anderson officially opened the new surfaces on 2nd October 2005.